A few things about Israel you won’t see much of in mainstream media


galeanthropicissues asked:

multiples of 3. :)

Have you ever: 

3. Self harmed - Well, yeah. I overcame that horrible habit though. 

6. Gotten a tattoo - Nope and don’t plan to!

What’s your favorite:

9 Movie - V for Vendetta & Memento tie for first!

12 Singer/Band - MUMFORD AND SONS 

This or that:

15 Invisibility or Ability to fly - Invisibility 

18 Movies or Books - Books, many movies tend to be horrible adaptations of original stories 

21 Tea or Coffee - Coffee all the way

24 Height - 5’ 3 

27 Religion - Islam 

Opinion on:

30 Second Chances - Sure. I gave a second chance and love it so far. :) 

33 Death Penalty - People should be punished for their crimes but we must all understand that we’re all human. Death upon a criminal is a sin itself, since it is stealing someone else’s life away from them. 

Do you:

36 Believe in ghosts - No

39 Love someone - :) 

42 Like yourself - I love myself. <3